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The Bulk Uploader is a tool to upload multiple files to directly from your PC.

You can add folders or Drag-and-Drop individual images.

Bulk Uploader stores all uploaded images into individual history files accessible for future reference.

Bulk Uploader currently works with Windows operating system.

Click to download.

Use Winrar program to uncompress and install Imagevenue Bulk Uploder.

After installation, click IIIU Application to start the program. In the main Menu go to Settings --> Plugin manager --> Update pluguns. Then choose Update and select and plugins. Click Close, then Close and Reload.

You are now ready to upload files to directly from your desktop.


Quick How to FAQ:

1. How can I see recently uploaded files?
Click on 'Show recently uploaded links' in the top right corner.

1. Where can I see all uploaded files?
Click 'Open uploaded links' then go to Uploaded Links folder and choose the date for which you want to see data.

1. How can I change the output format of links?
In the output window, click Reformat, under formatting Choose HTML/Forum.

Any questions, please email